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Toptek began to design AC drives 30 years ago and has continuously generated new and innovative AC drive designs, by using our large power electronics knowledge. Currently, Toptek has over 5 different drive series.  We are not satisfied and will keep improving each series to meet the customers' needs.
Toptek believes that everyone should benefit from the technological progress that we have made over these years. For this reason, we offer our customers the quality, reliability, and value in each AC drive we sell. Toptek would like to be your number one supplier of AC drives and related products for the years to come.


Topvert S1 Series AC Motor Drive

               High performance general purpose mini drive
               Phase, 230V : 0.4-2.2kW (0.5-3Hp) 

               1- TOPVERT S1-210P4A           Unit Price : US$ 27.55

               2- TOPVERT S1-210P7A           Unit Price : US$ 27.55

               3- TOPVERT TDBU-4030           Unit Price : US$ 29.50

               3- TOPVERT TDBU-4045           Unit Price : US$ 31.00


Topvert E1 Series AC Motor Drive

               High performance general purpose compact drive
               230V, 1-Phase : 0.2-2.2kW (0.25-3Hp)  
               460V, 3-Phase : 0.4-7.5kW (0.5-10Hp)

               1- TOPVERT E1-211P5B           Unit Price : US$ 28.75

               2- TOPVERT E1-212P2B           Unit Price : US$ 31.45

               3- TOPVERT E1-433P7A           Unit Price : US$ 33.50


Topvert G1 Series AC Motor Drive 

              High performance general purpose multi-function drive
              460V, 3-Phase : 0.75 ~ 315kW (1 ~ 422Hp) 

             1- TOPVERT G1-437P5A                   Unit Price : US$ 42.45

             2- TOPVERT G1-43037A                   Unit Price : US$ 58.00

             3- TOPVERT G1-43045A                   Unit Price : US$ 59.50

             4- TOPVERT G1-43055A-D411           Unit Price : US$ 105.50

             5- TOPVERT G1-43075-D411             Unit Price : US$ 107.00